It’s been 4 years and 3 months since I joined the best IT company in Kazakhstan. Now we have millions of users, who are using products of Kolesa Group daily. It’s a really exciting experience to work on such products. But I’m moving forward and joining another company.

Kolesa Hackathon

At the start, we had only 3 mobile application developers and 1 mobile QA engineer. As now, Kolesa Group has about 40 mobile application developers and QA engineers. We constantly argued about technical solutions, made tons of comments on a code review and learned lots of new things together. It’s was my pleasure to work with them and grow to be a team leader of Android.

The main lesson that I learned from being a team leader is - be kind to everyone. There are many characters in your team and no matter what, don’t be angry with them, respect their solutions, but tell them that their code should be improved politely. I’m a calm person, but sometimes I raise my voice while arguing. It needs lots of time to restore mutual understanding with teammates aftermatch. But it’s better to understand your mistakes, instead of blaming others.

Besides working on company’s products I had a great opportunity to gain knowledge at global conferences and share knowledge with the IT community in Kazakhstan. For the company, it’s one of the best ways to create a brand, as for the employees, it’s a great chance to gain popularity as a specialist in the industries. It was hard to stand on a conference stage, not because I was shy, but I had trouble with the Russian language. With the help of my friends and my wife, I gained recognition in Kazakhstan’s IT community. This kind of experience is really suitable to generate a creative kind of energy for brainstorming new ideas. Also, you gain networks and new friends. Isn’t it amazing? That’s why I’m encouraging everyone to share knowledge on conferences or write technical posts on the Internet.

Farewell, Kolesa Group.

Kolesa Hackathon